Lloyd Buchanan Smalley

This blog is dedicated to the memory of my brother, Lloyd Buchanan Smalley, born June 28, 1930 in Boston, Massachusetts; died December 8, 1952 in Korea.  At the time of his death, I was two years of age. Lloyd loved challenging his baby sister to a hollering contest to see which of us could holler the loudest (and drive my mom crazy in the process).  Do I really remember this?   I’m not sure.  Whether this one “memory” of my brother is real or whether it is a family story that was repeated so often that it embedded itself in my memory, I don’t know.

My parents loved all their children, but Lloyd was special.  He was their pride and joy and his death was devastating to them.   As families do, they survived and gradually the sorrow of his death was replaced by the joy of his life.  Family stories kept his memory alive.

As the last surviving of my parents children, I have ended up with the family photographs and letters, including an album of Lloyd’s Marine Corps days that was made by my brother Leonie.  In this blog, I intend to share the letters and pictures from the album as well as some family pictures and stories.   Let’s start with some photos of Lloyd beginning with his high school graduation —